Wetrack 2 and GT06N GPS Tracker Device

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When we talk about gps tracker in India then the most common name of device is Wetrack 2 and GT06N. Afcourse there are other numberless devices in the market but these two are mostly used and having the most common protocol due to which it can be integrated with many other gps softwares. Both of these devices are product of world’s most famous gps device manufacturing company Concox from China.

So now  let us have details about these two devices :—

Wetrack 2

WeTrack2 (ET200) GPS vehicle tracker is designed to meet the needs of various peripherals. Its wide voltage range ensures its stable operation in e-bike, motorcycles, cars and trucks. Small but compact, its highly reliable electric circuit and internal battery design functions not only basic tracking but SOS call, remote-cutoff fuel, geo-fence, overspeed alert, historical data upload and more.


  • Remote cut-off (petrol/power)Compel the vehicle to stop by breaking off the fuel connection
  • IP65 dust and water proof Water-resistant case & cable ensure stable operation in tough environment
  • ACC detection for lgnition status Be aware of the igniton status whenever you need
  • 9-90V voltage rangeWide operating voltage applicable to all types of vehicles
  • Multiple alarmsInstant alert for vibration, overspeed, power off, geo-fence
  • Vehicle battery protectionNever drain out of the battery of moforcycle for optimal protection


Afteryears of popularity around the globe, GT06N has earned its market-proven stability and durability. Loaded with features, the battery-powered GT06N gives you real-time location viewing from the comfort of your computer or smartphone, and makes it a perfect choice for private cars and fleet management.


  • Remote cut-off (petrol/power)Compel the vehicle to stop by breaking off the fuel connection
  • Bullt-in 450mAh batteryHigh capacity Li-ion battery ensuring sufficlent power supply
  • ACC detection for ignition statusBe aware of the ignition status whenever you need
  • SOS emergency callThumb sized button allowing urgent call during an emergency case
  • Configurable tracking modesLocation uploaded following fixed distance,time interval, preset cornering
  • Multiple alarmsInstant alert for vibration, overspeed. power off, geo-fence
  • Voice monitor It enables you to listen to the surroundings
  • Tracked by: SMS, APP, Web Reports location in real time through different interfaces