TOP 10 CCTV Brands in India

India is one of the biggest markets in the world, with growth in the technology and economic standard of the people are looking for security options and one of the best security option is CCTV Cameras. This makes the need for CCTV cameras has increased rapidly and many manufacturing companies have established their units in India for speedy manufacturing and supply. Now that we are in to this business we would like to share information of top 10 CCTV Brands in India.

Information in this article developed on the basis of feedback’s we received from our customers.

10 LG:

It’s a brand that needs no introduction; it is into the field of electronics nearly a decade ago and became one of the key brands to influence the market. LG has several Production units in India it has major share in the market. It is operating worldwide.

9 UNV:

It’s a Chinese Electronic Brand recently entered Indian market with their CCTV Products and thermostat, an essential one for home and office. It successfully managed to reach one of the top 10 brands with in short span of time.

8) Zicom:

Zicom is one of the Biggest Indian origin electronic manufactures with state of art equipment. The company is formed in 1994 in Maharashtra and one of the key options for the persons seeking security needs. They have significant impact in the Indian market.

7 Sony:

Another brand which need no introduction sony is giant Japanese technology provider it is famous for providing dynamic technology solutions for the persons who need supreme quality. The CCTV cameras from Sony range from reasonable to high-end options coasting along the verdict of the user. Sony has good amount of market share and stands as one finest options for the security solutions.

6 Bosch:

Bosch is a German multinational corporation with business in diverse domains. Bosch is more famous for its electrical equipment than its electronic but in recent past they grew their market value in India by through its nine venturing companies now they have significant market share.

5 Honeywell:

Its and American based electronic company famous for its Security home and business products. It is major market value and share and remains as top selling brand in the country. Company main products are thermostat, an essential one for home and office.

4 Hikvision:

This Chinese based company is trade mark symbol for CCTV and surveillance system. It is one of the leading suppliers of video surveillance system in the world. They come packed with CMOS Sensor, Real Time Recording, HD Turbo Technology, and Auto Gain Control. In India they stand as the best option for security cameras for corporate sector.

3 CP Plus:

It’s a German based company incorporated in the year 2007 and famous for its video surveillance products. They gradually developed their brand image in the market and having significant market value. Their product line offers different variants like Doom Box, Zoom, and Bullet which allows a user to choose as their fit.

2 Hi-Focus:

Hi Focus is an UK based company engaged in making CCTV cameras packed with the cutting edge technology and features. His Focus is a renowned name in the surveillance industry and offer a complete solution for security and surveillance
Products of this brand includes 620TVL HDIS, 920TVL HDIS, 700TVL and 1000TVL Sony Exmor are some of the types of CCTV camera made by the company. These CCTV cameras made by the company use a high definition image sensor and capture clear images even in low light.

1 Samsung:

Here comes our top brand in Indian market and the best seller of video surveillance systems. Samsung is world famous brand for its electronics and standing as one of the top 3 sellers in the world. In India it slowly established its name and brand value innovative and digital marketing strategies They come in variants of Fixed Dome, Vandal Resistant Dome, PTZ Camera and Bullet Camera.