Most Common CCTV Problems

In present time CCTV is one of the most important parts of any security system and more and more people are installing this system at their business and homes as well. But we all know that CCTV is electronic equipment and just like any other electronic equipment this system also has some common problem with it. So, if you are trying to know more about these problems, then here are 5 CCTV common problems and how to fix them.

5 CCTV Common Problems & How To Fix It

Blur image in the night:
This is a very common problem with almost all the CCTV system that it works perfectly in daytime or in bright light, but if the lighting is dull or it is night time then camera give very blur images. In order to avoid this problem, you just need to back focus your camera and after that you will get crisp and clear image in low light or in nighttime as well. For doing this you need to optimize the focus of your camera for dull light as well by opening the camera iris at its full potential. This back focus adjustment is essential for zoom lenses as well and gives you better pictures while using the zooming of the camera.

Picture not displaying in camera:
This is another very common problem in all kinds of CCTV system and most of the time this problem occurs because of loss of power supply. So, if you are using a low-voltage CCTV camera for your CCTV system and you find this problem, then make sure you check the fuse and power supply of your system. If you get any problem with power supply just resolve it and it shall start working again. In case this is not the problem, then you might need to check shorts in the wiring of your cable. For this you can unplug the cable at both end and check it using a meter to identify the problem and if you find the problem then you can replace the cable for it.

Bright spots on the monitor:
If you will install your CCTV camera in front of any bright light, then you will surely get this problem on your CCTV monitor. Other than this bright reflection of light from any surface toward the camera can also create this problem. So, if you are getting this problem, then you will need to replace your camera position to avoid the problem. In case you cannot install the camera at any other place then replace your lights so you do not get any bright light or its reflection on your CCTV camera.

Snowy bars on the screen:
Many times you can see snowy bars or snowy picture on your CCTV monitor. If your camera cable picks any electrical interference, magnetic signal or radio waves than this problem can appear in your system. For avoiding this problem always use a good quality camera cable that is designed to resist these interfaces. Also, install your cables away from all kinds of electrical or network cable, route because if you will install CCTV cables with these cables, then electrical flux of other cables will create this problem in your system and you will get snowy bars on your monitor.

Identification problems:
If you cannot identify a person, vehicle or other object after any incident using CCTV clip, then it is of no use to have the CCTV system with you. Well, it may sound little funny and unbelievable to you, but this is a very common problem in many CCTV systems and many times people realize this problem in their CCTV system only after having any incident in their premises. So, make sure you do a test run at your end with a trial situation and verify you do not have this problem in your CCTV system. In case you have this problem with your camera or system, then you can eliminate the problem by repositioning your camera at a better angle with clear focus on entrance gates and at other necessary places.

So, if you are going to have a new system in your house or office make sure you keep above things in your mind to avoid all the future problems with it. And in case you have any of these common problems in your CCTV system, then you know that you can solve most of these problems easily.

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